10 Acrylic Nail Designs Ideas For 2019

October 17, 2019

Here are 10 acrylic nail design ideas to make you a true stunner!

Decorating nails has been a significant part of women’s beauty rituals. 

While we have left many of the age-old beauty practices behind, the rage for nail art has only grown stronger. In this new age, nail art enthusiasts have innovated plenty of ways to create beautiful nails and turn them into a canvas that mirrors our personality and fashion preferences. 

Acrylic nails, dip powder nails, and gel manicures are some of the popular ways to decorate nails and add to their natural charm. Among all, acrylic nail designs have taken the world of glamour and beauty by storm. From weddings to parties, you can see women with perfect almond, oval, or square-shaped acrylic nails, making a statement of their own. 

If you are interested in getting your nails done, we today have curated for you ten acrylic nail design ideas for 2019. Get inspired and ask your nail stylists to do the similar magic for you. 

1. Deep Ocean Short Acrylic Nails Design 

Abstract patterns and designs never go out of style. 

If you love oceans and want to celebrate the enigma of sparkly blue seas, this short acrylic nails design can be your best pick. This artistically crafted nail design captures the beauty of the deep blue sea on the backdrop of dark-colored square nails. The design starts at the tip of the nail and gradually goes down, mirroring the bottom of the ocean.

2. Emerald Green Colored Acrylic Nail Design 

Emerald green has a regal charm attached to it. 

This nail design is a perfect pick for a classy acrylic nail design. Here all the nails are painted in the beautiful emerald color except the nails of two ring fingers. These two nails are then decked with beautiful green rhinestones to accentuate the appeal of the design.

Besides being a great choice for fancy dinners, one can carry this look on casual outings and get-togethers as well.

3. Pretty Bronze Short Acrylic Nails Design 

Gold and silver are popular color choices for acrylic nail designs ideas. 

However, bronze is also becoming a favorite option amongst nail art lovers. This short nail design idea is super chic and unique. The shine of the bronze is enough to make the nail design elegant and playful. The best part – you can flaunt this design with any outfit and on all occasions.

4. Oil Painting Acrylic Design

However unusual, acrylic oil painting manicure designs are one of those cute acrylic nail design ideas that go perfect with any outfit. To create the look, just paint your nails white and randomly add splotches of silver, pink, and blue on it. Imagine as if your nails are the canvas for you to paint on!

5. Black Hearts Designer Nail Design

Acrylic hearts are a versatile design-pick loved by all. To enhance the appeal of this design, one can play with it in countless ways. In this particular short acrylic nails design, all nails are entirely covered in shiny black enamel while two ring fingers feature cute hearts in black. You can carry this look for casual outings and parties.

6. Awesome Unicorn & Rainbow Nail Design 

Who doesn’t love unicorns, rainbows, and everything colorful? 

This is yet another cute acrylic nail ideas that will grace the nails of both teens and ladies out there. To create the look, medium-length square-shaped nails are painted in iridescent pink. Acrylic rainbow and unicorn are drawn on each of two middle nails. This design will surely rock with any casual and funky look. 

7. Rhinestones & Rose Gold Nail Design 

With acrylic nail design, there are endless possibilities for creativity. 

By simply painting nails in light rose pink enamel, one can get long acrylic nails. To enhance the design further, a few nails are covered in silver glitters and gemstones that create a more royal look. 

8. Glitter Black Short Acrylic Nail Design

One can create a lot of acrylic nail designs with black polish. 

By adding another color shade and a little bit of glitter, you can get this chic nail design. In this design, the round-tipped short nails are covered in black at the tip, with the shade changing to light cream color, giving it a natural nail look. To make it look sassier, the two middle nails feature glitter in a triangle pattern. 

9. Clear Acrylic Long Nail Design 

If you’re one of those who love minimalism and want to flaunt long acrylic nails, there is no need to go for anything fancy. Simple long nails filled in square shape and covered with shiny clear polish is enough to turn your nails into beautiful acrylic artwork. 

10. Marble Pattern Long Acrylic Nails Design 

This marble design gold & pink acrylic nail design revives the long-lost artistic allure of the Greek era. 

To create this look, the long nails are filed into square-shape and polished with pale pink enamel. Black swirls are made over the pink paint to create a marble-like appearance. To further accentuate the design, thin gold lines are added at the tips. 

How Are Acrylic Nails Applied? 

For a newbie nail art lover, it might be interesting to know how acrylic nails are applied. 

Well, if we dive into the technique, acrylic nails are made by mixing monomer (liquid) and polymer (powder). The mixture, which has a consistency of dough is shaped on the nails. The mixture turns into plastic ones it air dries. Once the nails are hard enough, desired designs are made on it. You can trust professional nail artists to do the job for you and make your nails look super beautiful!

We hope our list will help you get your nails turned into a beautiful acrylic nail artwork. Comment below and let us know which nail design you liked the most.

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